Love Interest #9

Rachel settles for a job – and a place to sleep – at the local bed and breakfast, where she’ll play tour guide for obnoxious tourists. It’s just a temporary stop, right?

Famed for his playboy antics, Hollywood hotshot Lucas Stone is in town for three weeks to scout locations for his next flick. When he asks for a guide to show him around, the only one available is Rachel – who might be the only person on the planet less interested in committing to anything serious than Lucas.

The two can’t stand each other. And Rachel makes it clear in no uncertain terms that she won’t be getting involved with anyone uber wealthy ever again. But when they’re trapped in a way-too-small tent during an unexpected rainstorm, the pair cuddle close together, and a whispered secret changes everything.

With real feelings on the line, can the pair get over their evil exes and find new love, or is history doomed to repeat itself?

Love Interest #9 is a small town, closed door romcom featuring a Hollywood heartthrob and a delicious slow burn. You’ll get sizzling chemistry, lovable characters, but NO spice. Perfect for those who want a whole lot of sweet and less heat.


Hollywood Heartthrob
Forced Proximity
Closed door/kissing only
Small town
Slow Burn
Only One Tent
Celebrity Crush