Love Interest #9

I promised myself I wouldn’t fall for someone rich and famous. Not after what happened last time. But when leading man Lucas Stone comes to town, I might have trouble keeping my promises…

After getting my heart broken and being kicked out of my apartment, I return to my hometown.

I settle for a job – and a place to sleep – at the local bed and breakfast. The job? Playing tour guide for tourists with more money than sense. It’s irritating, but it’s only temporary.

Thank God.

Until Hollywood hotshot Lucas Stone arrives. He’s scouting locations for his next flick, and after one look at me, he demands that I be his personal tour guide.
Which wouldn’t be a problem if he wasn’t such an entitled jerk.

And there’s no way I’ll be getting involved with someone like him. Not again.
But when we get trapped in a way-too-small tent during a thunderstorm, we have no choice but to cuddle together, and Lucas reveals a secret that might just change my mind.

About absolutely everything.

Love Interest #9 is a small town, closed door romcom featuring a Hollywood heartthrob and a delicious slow burn. You’ll get sizzling chemistry, lovable characters, but NO spice. Perfect for those who want a whole lot of sweet and less heat. It’s the second book in the Big Star, Small Town series, but the books can be read in any order.

Hollywood Heartthrob
Forced Proximity
Closed door/kissing only
Small town
Slow Burn
Only One Tent
Celebrity Crush