Legion Seasons 1-6

Can a world-weary veteran keep his small town together when aliens arrive?

Richard Helms doesn’t believe he deserves to be happy. His business, the Bottom of the Hill Bar and Grill, is booming, and there’s even the possibility of a romance with the local veterinarian who helped nurse his pet raccoon back to health. But for the 32-year-old war vet, permanently injured by a roadside bomb, the success and happiness are too much. When an alien invasion turns his small town of Hollow Hills, Ohio, into a hotbed of corruption and violence, Richard is sure this is the perfect time to go out in a blaze of glory. But nothing is easy when aliens come calling. Especially when a spaceship crashes and creates a temporal bubble around the town, altering time and even reality itself.

But there are forces at work more menacing than anyone can imagine – Forces that will stop at nothing to alter the balance of control all over the world. Together, Richard and his friends must hold out against the evil massing against them. Richard must learn to trust not only his own friends, but the shady people around him. If they fail, Hollow Hills will be destroyed. And maybe the rest of the world as well.

Legion Seasons 1-6 is a new book by Avery Blake and David W. Wright, set in the bestselling Invasion Universe. If you are looking for a dark, action-packed thrill ride reminiscent of Under the Dome and Alien Nation, you’ll love Legion. Pick up your copy today!