Laughing All The Way

He needs to pull off the perfect Christmas. She needs to take it down. But what happens when natural enemies meet under the mistletoe?

Sassy influencer Noelle revels in poking fun at, well, everything. Her sharp wit has made her an internet sensation with legions of fans. But her ratings are declining, and now she needs to do something big to win them back over: she needs to take down the self-proclaimed Christmas Town, USA.

Colin is the youngest mayor in Evergreen Creek’s history. The town is the embodiment of Christmas, famed for its festive traditions, tree lighting ceremony, and good cheer. In Colin’s fervor to uphold the town’s traditions, he’s so lost in his work that he’s forgotten what Christmas truly means.

When Colin hears of Noelle’s impending arrival, he’s determined to show the snarky influencer how wonderful Christmas can be. Hot chocolate, Christmas cookies, and a late-night skate around a giant Christmas tree are all in the cards as he tries to win her over.

But Noelle can’t be swayed.

Until they have that moment under the mistletoe.

Laughing All the Way is a sweet Christmas romcom with all the banter, feels, and Christmas magic you crave. Come to Evergreen Creek, where the holiday spirit is always in the air and love is just a laugh away.