Lady of Dawn

How much can you lose and still keep fighting?

Fleeing Mikail’s robot army, Ember and her friends are in serious trouble: Ember has lost her hand, Eli has lost his purpose, and Felix has lost his robot body. They race back to the safety of the city of Frost, whose walls should protect them from Mikail.

But the tundra to the north has melted, destroying the city in a cataclysmic flood. Swept up by the deluge, they manage to ride the ruins south toward the malfunctioning Engine that’s devastating the landscape.

Even worse, Mikail is headed for the Engine too, and he plans to steal its power and rule the land. Will Ember and her friends find a way to fix the Engine so it can’t be used for evil?

Or will Mikail further warp the Engine’s power and plunge the kingdom into tyranny?

Lady of Dawn is the third book in the completed Frost Trilogy by Aria Nobel. Pick up your copy today.

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