Karma Police Books 1-6: Complete Collection

From the bestselling authors of Yesterday’s Gone and WhiteSpace.

One more day in a body that doesn’t belong to me. Another day further from a life I can’t remember.

I am a Jumper. Almost every day, I wake up in a different body. I don’t know my name, nor who or what I was before I started jumping. I’ve been male and female, young and old, a cop and a criminal.

I try not to make waves, to leave my host’s body and life the way I found it. I know they’ll be back for it, and I’ll be off to another body, another life.

But this jump is different. This jump turns deadly, and for the first time, my jumps aren’t random. The bodies in which I find myself all have a connection: a merciless killer who can see the real me inside the host.

A killer whose crimes I might be seeing before they are committed.

A killer who wants me dead.

Includes all six stories in the Karma Police series:

  • Jumper
  • Karma Police
  • The Collectors
  • Deviant
  • The Fall
  • Homecoming

Get the complete collection of the Karma Police series, for fans of Quantum LeapMinority Report, and Person of Interest.