Infinite Doors

What if you could have another chance, to choose the road not taken?  Infinite Doors offers just such an opportunity to those with the money to chase their dreams.

Caretaker Claire is trapped in a loveless marriage, weighed down by the loss of her child and playing years of What-If? When a client of hers passes away, she is given an opportunity to correct a past mistake.

But can she step through the door to a new life? Can you ever really undo life’s biggest mistakes?

Infinite Doors is a Dark Crossings short story from the bestselling authors Sean Platt and David Wright. For fans of thought-provoking character-driven stories that get under your skin and into your heart, like “Black Mirror,” “The Twilight Zone,” and “The Outer Limits.”

Infinite Doors is 10,000 plus words plus an author’s note which reveal the unique origin story behind the story.