I Am John Titor

In the world of internet legends, time traveler John Titor is the ultimate prize.

Idealistic filmmaker Ramon Jimenez is stuck shooting mundane reality shows when he longs to create documentaries that change the world. But needing to keep food on the table has put his ambitions on hold…

Until Ramon spots a broken-down car linked to John Titor, an infamous internet legend who, at the turn of the century, claimed to be a time traveler from 2036. This could be the break he’s waiting for – if he can find a fresh angle.

RJ tracks down six different witnesses – each claiming to know “the real” John Titor. 

But their stories don’t add up.

One says Titor was sent from the future to stop a world-ending war.

Another insists he was nothing more than a bored college kid creating an internet hoax to impress his frat brothers.

A third claims to have been set up to take the fall in an elaborate heist orchestrated by Titor in 1970s New York.

As RJ dives deeper, the lines between fact and fiction blur. Who was John Titor? Was he really from the future, or just a cleverly spun hoax? The closer RJ gets to the truth, the higher the stakes become.

I Am John Titor is a time-traveling epic that jumps between decades, genres, and timelines as RJ tries to solve the mystery of the true legend of John Titor.