Hooked on Hollywood

Olivia Bloom just won the jackpot: a dinner date with her former childhood crush and now Hollywood hunk Ryan Jones. The only problem? She hates him. And those handcuffs that were supposed to be “just for show” aren’t coming off.

After discovering her fiancé’s affair, Olivia retreats to her small hometown and swears off anything to do with love. Unfortunately, her well-meaning friends have just the plan to pull Olivia out of her funk – they’ll pool their money at a silent auction and win the big prize: a one-on-one date with Olivia’s celebrity crush, Hollywood heartthrob Ryan Jones.

Charming leading man Ryan Jones credits his love of acting to his childhood community theater teacher. When he hears that the theater might close, he volunteers to be auctioned off for a dinner date, where he’ll be handcuffed to the winner. The last person he expects to win the bid is the one girl he never forgot. 

The date goes poorly – ever since a terrible video of Ryan went viral, Olivia can’t see him as anything other than an egotistical jerk.

Things go from bad to worse when they learn the key is missing – and they’ll be locked together for the next five days.

And worse than that – Olivia’s starting to catch feelings for the man she’s shackled to. Will being stuck together become the spark that reignites old feelings, or will it only drive them apart forever?

Hooked on Hollywood is a small town, closed door romcom featuring a celebrity crush, a fake relationship, and a delicious slow burn. You’ll get sizzling chemistry, lovable characters, but NO spice. Perfect for those who want a whole lot of sweet and less heat.

Hollywood Heartthrob
Forced Proximity
Fake Relationships
Closed door/kissing only
Small town
Slow Burn
Celebrity Crush