Hooked on Hollywood

Thanks to a lost key, I’m stuck handcuffed to my childhood crush for the next five days. Did I mention he’s now a really famous actor?

This was not how my night was supposed to go. 

My friends dragged me to a charity auction to save the local theater. The theme? Cops and robbers.

The grand prize? A dinner date handcuffed to hometown hero and Hollywood hunk Ryan Jones – the same Ryan Jones that is still decorating my bedroom walls.

I used to have a crush on him.

Used to.

Then he got caught doing something he shouldn’t have been doing. Something terrible.

Too bad I didn’t tell my friends – because they decided to surprise me by winning the auction. Now I’m handcuffed to Ryan Jones.

It’s supposed to be a one night thing.

But the key’s gone missing. And the handcuffs? No one can get them off. 

So now I’m handcuffed to a handsome man I hate.

Two of us.

One bed.

Zero ways I’ll be letting my guard down.

Not after what I saw that (handsome) man do.

Hooked on Hollywood is a small town, closed door romcom featuring a celebrity crush, a fake relationship, and a delicious slow burn. You’ll get sizzling chemistry, lovable characters, but NO spice. Perfect for those who want a whole lot of sweet and less heat.