Kidnapping. Murder. Grass-roots justice.

When her father is shot down on the street in front of his office, college journalism professor Sarabeth Bingham abandons academia to take over the weekly newspaper he left behind. She soon discovers marijuana-growing has corrupted the idyllic little Kentucky town where she grew up.

Just as selling booze during Prohibition built organized crime empires, the easy riches of dope-growing has bred evil and greed like a fly breeds maggots. But when kidnapping and brutal murder rock the community, Sarabeth declares war on the marijuana-growing industry in a blazing front-page editorial. Now, the growers have to shut her up—fast, before she brings the feds down on them. And the meanest dog in the dope-growing junkyard knows just how to do it.

Home Grown is a fictional account of the real Cornbread Mafia that sprung up in picturesque Marion County, Kentucky, and grew into the largest illegal marijuana-growing operation in U.S. history. Now, Ninie Hammon has turned that true story into a run-away-train fictional tale with neck-snapping twists and turns, ever-tightening suspense, and an unforgettable ending that will have you flipping pages long into the night.