Here You Come Again

The line between faith and fear is drawn in blood.

After the turmoil of her last case, Rileigh Bishop wants to disappear into a quiet life. But her past won’t stay buried, and her demons are never far behind.

A nightmarish scene shatters her hope for peace: a young woman, lifeless, swaying from a tree limb. The earth below her is scarred with strange runes and cryptic symbols. With the locals whispering of the occult, Rileigh’s pulled back into the fray.

The victim, a self-proclaimed witch, was not alone. She was one of four who attempted to call powers beyond their control. While Rileigh doesn’t believe much in superstition, whoever killed the woman clearly does.

But this will be no ordinary investigation.

A fervent priest whips the locals into a fury.

The Fallen Angel Church takes over an abandoned building, inciting anger.

And somewhere in the shadows, a killer lurks.

Rileigh must cut through the smoke of superstition and find the truth before the killer turns their attention to her. Meanwhile, an unsettling postcard hints that while Rilegih wishes she was done with her past, her past might not be done with her…

Here You Come Again is the seventh book in The Bishop Smokey Mountain Thrillers series by Lauren Street.