Fuel To The Flame

Three tourists burned alive. Two disgraced cops. One deranged killer.

Ex-police officer Rileigh Bishop is just trying to be friendly when she gives directions to an impatient tourist. Five hours later, the same tourist is dead. The only evidence? A lit match and the lingering smell of gasoline. It’s the first of three murders, all tourists, all burned alive.

Rileigh is no stranger to horrific murders. When she’s hired as a private investigator, she teams up with the recently fired local sheriff to uncover the connection between the victims, but the facts don’t add up. Why would someone set a stranger on fire? 

And what do the deaths have to do with the looming meteor shower?

It’s a race against the clock for Rileigh and the former sheriff – can they find the killer before more people burn?

Fuel To The Flame is the second book in The Bishop Smoky Mountain Thriller series by Lauren Street.