ForNevermore: Season Three

From the bestselling authors of Yesterday’s Gone, Karma Police, WhiteSpace, and more comes ForNevermore, a compelling and lush dark fantasy.

Noella thought she was a normal girl. She couldn’t have been more wrong.

Returning to the world where she was born, she begins to learn the truth of who, and what, she is. Hidden enemies will come from the shadows to stop her from fulfilling her destiny. And her one constant, Dante, will face the most difficult challenge of his lives as Noella realizes the horrifying truth — that she may not be the savior of humanity, but its ending.

Noella’s and Dante’s destinies, many lives in the making, will finally be revealed in this thrilling final installment in the ForNevermore trilogy.

ForNevermore Season Three is the final book in the completed ForNevermore series, perfect for fans of Jaymin Eve and Sarah J. Maas. Get all three books today.