Fat Vampire 2: Tastes Like Chicken

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Angels and Demons, Myths and Legends…

It’s been six months since Reginald Baskin became a vampire too fat to live happily with the beautiful undead — six months in which Reginald and his two-thousand-year-old maker Maurice have learned that safety does not come with power. These days, Maurice is Deacon of the Vampire Nation, but plenty beneath Maurice are still plotting to depose him … or dispose of him.

But when a new and ancient threat rears its head, the Nation faces extinction and the truest of deaths — and Reginald, Maurice, and Nikki might be the only vampires who can stop it.

This sequel to the cult hit picks up where Fat Vampire left off, following a trio of unlikely heroes down a path of myth and superstition into truths that have been buried for centuries — pitting the world’s darkness against the unfathomable power of its angry creators.

Keep on reading Johnny B. Truant’s blockbuster series, and you’ll never look at vampires (or vampire stories) the same way again.

★★★★★ “I am thoroughly enjoying the FAT VAMPIRE SERIES. I have a predilection for FAT men and am so happy to read a story where the hero is not blond haired, blue eyed with lantern jaw and slabs of muscles with a 14 inch waist. The stories are very well written and keep me wanting more. Reginald the VAMPIRE, you are now my favorite fictional character.” — Brian C. Mcgarrigle

★★★★★ “Reginald, Maurice, and Nikki are the best things to happen to vampires in the last decade. Classic vampires with a modern twist. These guys make me want to be a vampire. Well, maybe after I go to the gym…” — Corey L Nagle

★★★★★ “This book sucked me in! Glamoured me! Made me go back and buy the first one! It was really crazy, but it is also very good.” — Chet F.

★★★★★ “I can’t believe this hasn’t been done before! Phenomenonal! What a brilliant concept. I love all the Vampire Lore explored in this series.” — hedgewitch

★★★★★ “This isn’t your run-of-the-mill sexy vampire. Reginald is overweight, clumsy, nerdy, and would rather munch on some crackers than have sex with his girlfriend. I found myself having to pause to laugh before continuing my reading of this book, and am only saddened by the fact it took me this long to pick up book two in this terrifically funny series!” — Micheal Loring

This fresh twist on the tired old undead myth is the second in the Fat Vampire series by Johnny B. Truant — author of many bestselling series including Invasion, The Beam, Unicorn Western, The Dream Engine, Robot Proletariat, and more.

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