Everything Is Ruined Forever

If Gus had his druthers…

Gus has shifted his ambitions from local ascendancy to planetary domination. Too bad the Titans want him dead – and they’ll destroy the town if that’s what it takes to stop him. 

That’s why Gus has no choice but to highjack the crystal-based superweapons they’ve been developing so that he can reach out to the mothership and demand that he be made the tenth viceroy of Earth.

As usual, things do not go according to plan. Can Sam stand up to Gus to save everyone else in town? Or will he be too Midwest Nice to save the day?

Everything Is Ruined Forever is the fourth book in Jack Ravenhill’s new series, The Invasion of Lake Peculiar, a quirky take on the bestselling Invasion Universe. If you enjoy Garrison Keillor’s Tales from Lake Wobegon, you’ll love Lake Peculiar. Pick up your copy today!