Empty Nest

From the bestselling authors of the Invasion and Yesterday’s Gone series comes Empty Nest, a heartbreaking look inside one family’s struggle to survive the first wave of the zombie plague … 

The boy who became Bobby Baltimore.

Born last and long after his siblings, Rupert Haydock always was a Mama’s Boy. His Daddy used to taunt him for it, even though he did all he could to live up to his Dad’s high standards for toughness. 

But when his mother accidentally contracts the mysterious and dreaded Rip Daddy disease through a cut on her hand, thanks to her husband’s carelessness, Rupert spends every minute at her bedside, taking care of her. 

At first, he prays she’ll recover. But then her agony grows and her flesh starts to rot — until she no longer resembles the mother he once knew. He’s not sure if the disease has completely ravaged her mind, or if she’s still trapped deep inside her rapidly decaying body.

End her suffering or stay with her to the horrific end — what would any Mama’s Boy do?

Empty Next is a stand-alone story told inside the universe of Platt & Truant’s Dead World Trilogy, an intelligent, big pharma corporate espionage and genetic engineering exploration of the zombie subgenre.