Emily’s List

All Cora wants is a new start. But how do you start over when you’re still you?

After the tragic loss of her horror writer father, Cora is starting over in a new town, at a new school where nobody knows her.

Nobody knows about her OCD tics. Nobody knows about her time spent in a mental hospital. And nobody knows that she may be seeing her father’s ghost.

But her new start is shattered when the OCD tics she tries to keep secret come out in class. She soon finds herself a target of bullies again.

New town, same loneliness and shame.

And she’s afraid to turn to her overworked mother who is already worried about her sanity.
Then she meets Emily. The abused homeschooled girl has her own problems, but she’s the only person that gets Cora.

Also, Emily has a list.

A list of people who have hurt her.

A list of people that include Cora’s bullies.

And now Emily wants Cora’s help in getting revenge.

Can Cora find a normal life by striking back at her tormentors? Or is she being lured into a darkness that will consume the sanity she’s desperately clinging to?

Emily’s List is a character-driven suspense thriller full of dark secrets and twisted revelations perfect for fans of Thirteen Reasons Why and The Haunting of Hill House.