Nils Murry has been sober for 364 days, and today, he’s getting his old life back — if he can stay sober until his son’s birthday party.

But this day seems determined to test his resolve in every way possible. And if Nils flunks the test, he loses everything: his home, his wife, his son.

He thinks he’s working the program, but he’s about to discover that the real work has only just begun.

Can he make it through the day without having a drink – and destroying everything he’s worked for?

Drink touches on the themes of personal responsibility, self-awareness, and how we sometimes distort reality with the stories we tell ourselves.

Sterling Reed writes revelatory stories about what it means to live, how we can become more fully human, and how we can shed the lies we’ve been living by and embrace our truth. His fiction melds the large-scale with the deeply personal, yielding insight into the human psyche and the world we all must move through. If you enjoy authors like Michael Chabon and Jodi Picoult, movies like Big Fish and Little Miss Sunshine, or shows like Orange is the New Black and This is Us, you’ll love Sterling Reed.

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