Dead For Good

When your only alibi is a dead man, you don’t have much of a defense.

Brad Morris likes to think of himself as one of the best: an assassin at the top of his game. For years, he’s juggled work and family — attentive husband and loving father by day, cold-blooded killer by night.

But when the charismatic neighbor that Brad openly despises turns up dead on the same night he was out on a hit, Brad suddenly finds himself a prime suspect. His wife lies to the police but her lie only lands him deeper in trouble, and it’s clear she thinks he might be guilty too.

Brad’s being framed and he knows it, but it’s nearly impossible for him to prove his innocence without admitting he’s an assassin.

Can he catch the killer without endangering his family — or blowing his own cover?

★★★★★ “If you want a fast, intense, murder mystery, this is the book. Secrets and lies that fester underneath the surface are bound to blow up in everyone’s face. This book does end yet it opens it up to another book and it sounds or seems personal.” — Author Teya

★★★★★ “Stacy Claflin is one of my favorite go-to authors. I get excited every time a new book release is announced. I especially love her thrillers like this one and her heartbreaking dramas. Her writing is so clear and concise I feel that the pages whip by.” — Avid Reader

★★★★★ “I have read many books by this author and this one doesn’t disappoint. Like the others the characters are very well developed and believable… I am very much looking forward to book #2 of this series. I highly recommend this book to anyone that enjoys reading a good murder mystery.” — AMB

★★★★★ “Unlike some books that are co-authored, this one is excellent! I could “see” everything I love about Claflin’s writing blended oh-so-well with something new; an author I’d never read before. This book has elements that I liked and remind me of Claflin’s Alex Mercer series, but with the extras that Nolan King brought to the story. In all, this is nothing short of a five star read that kept me thrilled with this thriller from start to finish.” — Long Time AC

Dead For Good, Book 1 is the first book in the new Stacy Claflin and Nolon King thriller series, Dead For Good. Pick up your copy today!