Dead City

One bite used to be the difference between life and death…

…until biotech giant Hemisphere developed Necrophage — the drug that stopped the zombie plague in its undead tracks. But quick solutions often come with steep consequences.

The Sherman Pope virus is no longer a death sentence to the infected, but only if they receive treatment in time. Clarifiers must decide who will be treated and who is turned out into the Yosemite Preserve to turn feral and be hunted for sport.

Tens of millions survive, taking a daily dose of Necrophage to suspend the progression of Sherman Pope. Some live and work among the living. Some barely survive. All exist in the space between life and death — in varying states of decay.

No one knows how the virus originated or how long the treatment will work. So when Hemisphere executive Ian Keys receives a mysterious research assignment, he risks uncovering a secret far more dangerous than the virus he’s spent his career containing.

Can Ian discover the truth in time to save the population — both the living and the necrotic — from a real zombie apocalypse?

In this gripping “Walking Dead meets All The President’s Men” technothriller, bestselling authors Johnny B. Truant and Sean Platt blend real-world genetic engineering and high-stakes corporate espionage to deliver a heart-pumping race against the clock to save humanity.

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Infected in the early days of the plague, Bobby Baltimore’s mother became his worst nightmare. Every day, Bobby would pick up his father’s shotgun and load it. And every day, he would unload it and put it away.

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