Fear the Change. Smell the Blood.

What if You Couldn’t Control the Monster Inside You?

On the run for more than a century, cursed with the blood of a shapeshifter, Ricardo Cuaron must stay one step ahead of Tomas Morales, the man who has sworn vengeance and maintained pursuit through every sleepy hollow where Ricardo’s spent a lifetime (and then some) hiding. Ricardo craves a life of quiet, but how can that ever happen when horror lurks inside him?

Ricardo is almost happy in the quiet town of Glen, Kansas. He enjoys his work at Carl’s Barbecue, and the warm comfort of the beautiful Maria Gianni. But quiet and comfort is shattered a threat comes to visit those Ricardo has come to love and care for.

The Cursed horror novellas are a new twist on the classic werewolf novella — a werewolf hunter series without the werewolves, a new breed of shapeshifter.

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