Cold Retribution

The bestselling authors of Yesterday’s Gone, 12, and No Justice bring you a brand new series that blends mystery and suspense into pulse-pounding, revenge-seeking thriller action.

After a harrowing trip across half the country, while dirty cops tried to kill them, Stan finds the bank in Billing, Texas is being watched. While Household Services comes up with a way to get the evidence to as many news sites as possible, Stan and Mo devise a plan to get them out of the bank alive.

Stan recruits the last member of their team, an ex-sniper with a personal score to settle, but he fears all their efforts may not be enough when a critical error leaves them exposed to an ambush the dirty cops have set.

Even if they survive, they will still need to escape the aftermath when the sex ring and police corruption are finally exposed.

Cold Retribution is the explosive conclusion to the new King & Wright Cold Vengeance series. Start reading your favorite new vigilante-noir thriller today!