Cold Reckoning

The bestselling authors of Yesterday’s Gone, 12, and No Justice bring you a brand new series that blends mystery and suspense into pulse-pounding, revenge-seeking thriller action.

After Stan sees his big chance go up in flames, he and Mo must now rely on Detective Mallory Black to break the case, only she’s being watched from the inside. They’ll have to do it themselves.

They must go to Stan’s safety deposit box in Texas to get the evidence back, but they’re being followed. A female detective and a bunch of dirty cops trying to keep them from getting to the bank, and if their pursuers know about it, somebody close to Stan must have talked. 

Stan calls in even more favors, this time from Household Services, the fixers he’s used in the past, but the cleaner running the show only seems to be in it for the money, and his price is far too high. Stan must convince him to help get the evidence before Stan and everybody he loves is killed on the road.

Cold Reckoning is the second book in the new King & Wright Cold Vengeance series. Start reading your favorite new vigilante-noir thriller today!