Close to Home

From the best-selling author of Pretty Killer, No Justice, and 12 comes Close To Home, a gripping new thriller.


Profiler Selena Nash is America’s #1 expert on serial killers: her latest book just hit the bestseller charts and she’s landed a lucrative deal for a new TV show, The Heartbeat of Murder. No one suspects it’s all based on a mistake she’s afraid to admit.

Not just because it will ruin her career — Selena’s dark secret will also destroy her family.

She’s barely keeping them together as it is. Her husband’s so jealous of her success that he seems determined to sabotage it, and her sons — once-inseparable twins — won’t stop fighting.

When a serial killer strikes in her newly-prosperous hometown, Almond Park, each death strikes closer to home, all of them sending a message intended for her.

Will Selena decode the killer’s taunts in time to save her family?

A fast-paced, suspenseful thriller, Close to Home is perfect for fans of Darcey Bell and Harlan Coban, or TV shows like A Ozark and Dead to Me.

Pick up your copy of this intense psychological thriller today!

Warning: This book contains dark humor, swearing, explicit sex, and graphic violence.