She needs a hero…

Gwen Milton has been working her fingers to the bone in her family’s diner for as long as she can remember. This shy country girl is exhausted from keeping the business afloat, and the only escape she finds is in the books she reads behind the counter. She could really use some Mr. Darcy in her life, but when would she even have time for him?

Then, one day, she looks up from those pages and sees a tall, dark, handsome hunk who seems to have eyes only for her.

From the moment Quinn Maxwell saw Gwen he was smitten. Sure, he’s got a reputation with women — he seems to go through them as fast as he raises buildings in his contracting business — and Gwen is next on his to-do list. All he wants is to romance her, give her some help with her rocky business, and chase her weariness away. Even though Gwen is a hard sell, he’s determined to bring things to a climax — and soon.

But sometimes heroes come with secrets, and as Gwen falls for Quinn, it might already be too late to save her heart …