Camp Lanier

At Camp Lanier, the horror is no ghost story.

Taylor Johnson didn’t mean to hurt anyone.

When she’s caught shoplifting with her wealthy white friends, she’s the one who takes the fall. Her only way out? Agreeing to work in a community service program that takes at-risk youth and employs them at Camp Lanier for the summer.

Taylor’s heard the rumors about Camp Lanier.

Everyone has.

Urban legends say that an all Black town was forced out to create the lake, and it has been cursed ever since.

Taylor’s too old to believe in ghost stories.

But if the ghosts aren’t real, why is she the only one who can hear someone crying at night? Why are kids disappearing? And the whispers of a serial killer named the Atlanta Ripper stalking the woods… that can’t be real, can it?

None of it makes sense.

Kids have been “running away” from Camp Lanier for the last 52 years, and Taylor wants to find out why – even if it means swimming to the bottom of the lake and finding out what’s really down there.

Camp Lanier is a horror novel from Sylvester Barzey that’s based on the urban legend of Lake Lanier in Georgia. If you like Black heroes, terrifying ghosts, and scares that will keep you up at night, then this is the book for you.

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