Can You Keep a Secret?

Barry Aaronson hates Cherry Valley. This town can’t even make a decent deli sandwich much less serve the same kind of top-shelf liquor he used to get in the city. Ever since he was dragged here to establish a tech start-up, he’s been stuck in a land of cowpatties, yee-haws, and scuffed boots.

Dammit, he misses dating women in heels.

But Penny Burnett just happens to be one of the only heel-wearing hotties in this small town, and when she and Barry meet … Bam — instant chemistry! And why shouldn’t she hook up with this cocky yet irresistible nerd since she’s about to leave Cherry Valley for a new job? She’ll never have to see him again, and thank goodness for that, because his business partner is engaged to her sister and neither of them wants two disasters like Barry and Penny anywhere near each other.

Then Penny’s plans don’t quite come through and she finds herself in a rather … ahem … compromising position with her new boss. Barry. Can they keep their lips sealed and their libidos cool? Chances sure don’t look good with these two constantly getting so breathless whenever they’re close …