Blue Tears

Bailey Donahue’s past just caught up with her …

After two long years in the Witness Protection Program, hiding from the man who murdered her husband, Bailey spots him in the background of a photo. From her own birthday. In the tiny town of Shadow Rock. There’s no doubt about it, it’s definitely him: Sergie Mikhailov.

Will Bailey finally get to testify against him and put him away for ever?

Can she return to her old life and her daughter at last?

Before Bailey even gets the chance to try, she paints another psychic portrait, this one showing the image of her younger sister, Maria, lost to a wall of flames. Another loved one, dead.

Then Mikhailov kidnaps Maria, Bailey knows she has to save her. Along with T.J., Dobbs, and Brice, Bailey races against time to find Maria before the portrait — and Bailey’s worst nightmare — comes true.