The Beam: Season Two

Power is in the mind. The mind is in the network.

As the NAU’s “Shift” approaches, the Directorate and Enterprise parties are doing whatever they can both on-Beam and off- to win the citizen’s minds. The Beam itself, however, seems to be evolving.

As more and more people become addicted to connectivity, a question arises: Does the Beam serve our minds … or do our minds serve the Beam?

Meanwhile, using politics as cover, an organization is pushing human enhancements further than they were ever meant to go — and maybe more than the struggling NAU with its hyperconnected minds can hope to survive.

Platt and Truant deliver deep political intrigue and incisive social commentary along with a generous helping of big philosophical themes through engaging, multifaceted characters and rich worldbuilding. If you enjoyed Altered Carbon and The Fifth Element, you’ll feel right at home in the world of The Beam.