Available Darkness: Book Two

From the bestselling authors of Yesterday’s Gone, No Justice, and The Karma Police series comes Available Darkness: Book Two, a character-driven reinvention of the vampire story.

Darkness is Falling

When a portal opens to the magickal and monstrous Otherworld, the vampire John is forced to work with the very organization that has hunted him for years — a secret government agency charged with protecting the world from supernatural threats just like John.

His job: to stop Jacob from finding the vessels and seizing the power he needs to unleash hell on Earth.

John must betray his own kind to protect the world and also his love, Hope, and Abigail, the child who has become like a daughter to him.

But nothing can save him, or those he loves, from fate or the evil from his past that will stop at nothing to destroy them all.

The portal is open. Time is running out.

Darkness waits for no one.

★★★★★ “It had everything I wanted and more. Platt and Wright excel at writing fast, character driven stories that know how to put you on the edge of your seat, couch, or bed (depending on where you’re reading from).” — Christian Burch

★★★★★ “This is the fourth Platt & Wright collaboration I’ve read and I am 100% addicted.” — JoniJ

★★★★★ “I told myself I would not just read it all in one sitting. Well I lied to myself. I devoured the book in a few hours, and now I need more. I love to hate cliff hangers. But seriously now I have to wait.” — John R Niven

★★★★★ “These guys write in a way that keeps you turning pages (too late at night) and wanting more of each story they do.” — Dave Horton

★★★★★ “This second season rocks! Even if you didn’t read the 1st season (what’s wrong with you?)…you can pick this up and know what’s going on. The characters have grown (figuratively) into ones that you sympathize with, love to hate, hate to love, scream at, run from, chase after, want to kill, cheer on, cry with, cry over, and generally want to grow old with.” — jkaustin02

Available Darkness: Book 2 is the second book in the 3-Book Available Darkness series, a paranoid, page-turner populated by characters you won’t want to stop spending time with. It’s a cat and mouse cop story, between a cop on the hunt for a supernatural serial killer, and an amnesiac vampire. Read the entire completed series today.