Available Darkness: Book Three

From the bestselling authors of Yesterday’s Gone, No Justice, and The Karma Police series comes Available Darkness: Book 3, a character-driven reinvention of the vampire story.

Darkness is Spreading.

In the conclusion to the Available Darkness trilogy, the paths of vampire brothers John, Jacob, and Caleb converge in an epic battle for two worlds.

The vampiric Valkoer have been exiled to the Forgotten Kingdom on Otherworld in the Great Purge. The technologically advanced North, with help from The Hand of the Seven Gods, control their magick and keep the population of deviants, monsters, and slave traders contained. Jacob’s father, the Valkoer King, refuses to fight for their freedom.

But Jacob has collected the six crystals, and he threatens to unleash the power of the Last Great Wizard, triggering a war that will destroy Otherworld and enslave the humans remaining on Earth.

Caleb has reluctantly partnered with The Hand of the Seven Gods to destroy Jacob, while 11-year-old Abigail is searching for freedom from her violent past. When John returns in search of Abigail, he joins the forces fighting to save Otherworld.

Will the unlikely allies have the power to keep Otherworld safe from Jacob and the Valkoer?

★★★★★ “Personally, I thought it was well worth the wait. I loved the first two books and was getting anxious waiting for the conclusion. Abigail, John, Hope, Caleb, Jacob, and Larry have one heck of a story.” — Christian Burch

★★★★★ “Great series. I read the whole series over a weekend. I couldn’t put it down till I finished it. These guys do not write a bad book.” — dina garza

★★★★★ “Available darkness three……..best one of the whole series!! Loved it! The characters are just so brilliant and you get really invested in them and their backstories.” — paulaamy

★★★★★ “Well worth the wait although I was impatient for it!! I look for everything these guys put out knowing it will be a great read full of unique twists and turns. They take a story line and make it so new and intriguing that you can’t help but become a Fan!” — Mary C Mattison

★★★★★ “Sean and David are the best writers since Stephen King…..loved this book!!” — Barb Kimpel

Available Darkness: Book 3 is the final book in the 3-Book Available Darkness series, a paranoid, page-turner populated by characters you won’t want to stop spending time with. It’s a cat and mouse cop story, between a cop on the hunt for a supernatural serial killer, and an amnesiac vampire. Read the entire completed series today.