Love Is in the Dare …

Cherry Valley is a small town with a big heart, known for its luscious cherries and beautiful sunrises over farmland and ranches. Country girl Mandy Burnett doesn’t want anything about her beloved home to change, either — especially when a couple of big-city businessmen show up, scouting for the perfect place to locate their tech start-up.

Good luck with that! Mandy’s not about to take the invasion of the nerds lying down, even if she wouldn’t kick one of them outta bed unless she wanted to do it on the floor …

The minute Zach Hamilton sees Mandy working behind the counter of the Screaming Beans Coffeehouse, he’s a goner. She’s wholesome and appealingly different from the cosmopolitan singles he’s used to, but it seems this straight-talking woman has got some pretty major emotional shields up whenever he’s around.

But Zach is determined to win Mandy over, and all it’s going to take is a series of dares — a sure way to arouse her interest!

Yup, it’s all fun and games until flirting turns into something neither of them ever expected …

Aroused is the first book in the sweet-and-steamy new series, The ABCs of Love. Welcome to Cherry Valley, where romance blossoms!