Know your truth. Speak your truth. Live your truth.

Maeve struggles to live up the ideals of the strong, independent, successful businesswoman and guru whose books and classes are the gold-standard for woman entrepreneurs.

All Maeve has ever wanted is to design red carpet attire for Hollywood’s brightest stars. But her Midwestern family and friends have done nothing but discouragement for her.

Get real.

Get a real job.

Get back to real life.

Frustrated by the clannishness of the fashion industry and the lack of support in her own life, Maeve decides to start her own online company making custom garments from her own designs: Constellation Couture.

And in order to fully live her truth, she decides to cut all the naysayers out of her life … except for the five online friends who’ve always believed in her.

What Maeve doesn’t know is that her five new besties are secretly connected … will she discover their hidden agenda before it ruins her?

Antisocial is the fifth book in Version Control, a new series that investigates what happens when our technology outpaces our ethics. Perfect for fans of Black Mirror and The Twilight Zone