A Gamble Either Way

A lavish riverboat casino should be the perfect place to unwind after nearly being buried alive, but ex-police officer Rileigh Bishop knows better. This casino is run by a real estate tycoon who’s gathered all the movers and shakers so he can convince them to let him develop a pristine piece of land.

Add in a mix of protestors, and it’ll be anything but a peaceful night on the river.

When the curtain opens for the tycoon’s big introduction, he’s sitting on stage.

With his throat slit.
And his guts on his lap.

Security rushes to radio back to shore… but the communication devices have been destroyed. And the boat? Dead in the water.

Every passenger is a suspect.

The killer wants to turn the casino into a floating graveyard.

And Rileigh is his big prize.

A Gamble Either Way is the fourth book in The Bishop Smoky Mountain Thriller series by Lauren Street.