A Friend Like You

A faceless corpse is only the beginning…

Rileigh Bishop is hoping for a quiet evening with Mitch. The pair find their way to a diner where they can finally get some peace and quiet –

Until the screaming starts.

When two teenagers discover a dead body in the diner’s storage room, Rileigh is on the scene. The corpse has had its face peeled off its skull, and an autopsy reveals the victim’s heart was sliced in half inside his chest with a carving knife.

Worse, the victim was a member of a notorious local gang embroiled in a long-standing feud.

A feud that’s just reached a boiling point.

Hit and runs.

Slashed throats.

Victim after victim.

It’s more than a gang war. There’s something else going on – Rileigh is sure of it. But can she cut through the carnage before the Smoky Mountains descend into chaos?

A Friend Like You is the eighth book in the Bishop Smokey Mountain Thrillers series by Lauren Street.