Author: Lori R. Taylor

Lori R Taylor

★★★★★ Heartwarming Animal Fiction

Books for the animal lovers in everyone’s lives.

Lori R. Taylor is the founder of TruDog, a lover of all animals, and author of the Soul Mutts series. It’s her mission, vision, and passion to help humans understand the ways in which our canine friends make the world a better place. Lori’s been helping to build businesses all her life, but her work at TruDog made her remember a dream she’d had forever.

She had always wanted to be a writer, and TruDog proved what Lori had always known. Not just that dogs made the world a better place, because of course they did, but that humans needed them more than they could ever possibly know.

In addition to her work with TruDog, Lori has helped to raise over 5 billion dollars for the Disabled American Veterans. She’s not just an animal lover, Lori has a soft spot for unwanted or “broken” things and is their fiercest defender. Just ask Truman, the three-legged Great Dane that TruDog was named after.

As a little girl Lori dreamed of telling stories. She did that for brands for years. Now she’s doing it like she’s always wanted to, for you and with this series. Lori wrote Soul Mutts for you. Books to remind you of what you already know, but can’t wait to feel again.

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