Author: Johnny B. Truant

Johnny B. Truant

★★★★★ Complex Cross Genre Narratives

Rewarding stories layered with labyrinthine twists.

Johnny writes fun, page-turning, layered, and most of all “inquisitive” fiction — stories told in many genres and ways, united by a curiosity about life’s biggest questions.

Whether the tale itself is about invading aliens, overweight vampires, or ordinary people in mindbending situations, Johnny’s stories always live on two levels. The first is the surface, where vivid characters come to life to undertake the most extraordinary adventures. The second level, however, is deeper: diving into the corners of reality itself, or just the shadowland of a fractured mind.

If you like Christopher Nolan’s movies or Michael Crichton’s books, you’ll be right at home in the Truantverse.

Originally from Ohio, Johnny and his family now live in Austin, Texas, where he’s finally surrounded by creative types as weird as he is.

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