10 Blog Post Ideas That Will Grab MAJOR Attention

Attention is everything online.

With enough attention, you can focus on other essentials of your blooming online business, such as authority, consistency and creating the pillar content that will give you plenty of free search engine optimized traffic.

But first, you must start with attention.

And it has to be the right type of attention, the kind that makes for happy readers, thrilled by your content’s inherent value. Not echoed posts that leave them feeling cheated, shortchanged or manipulated.

These 10 posts will help you grab the RIGHT kind of attention.

1. Make A List Of 10 Blogs In Your Niche You Couldn’t Live Without

Which websites have helped dictate the direction of your blogging most?

You’re subtly influenced by everything around you, but there are probably a small handful of sites which have shaped how you approach your time online. From their content to personality to the overall look, creating a top 10 of your favorite blogs should be easy enough to do.

Make a list of those blogs that have taught you the most about your industry; blogs that make you laugh, think, or leave you inspired.

10 Blogs You Absolutely Must Read
10 Blogs That Are Totally Worth Your Time
The Top 10 Blogs That Help Me Work Smarter (They’ll Help You, TOO!)

This type of post is easy to put together, and will help you clarify the direction of your own site by reminding you of what’s important to you. Even better, it’s a great way to reach out and get noticed by those bloggers you admire most.

2. Carry Out An Argument To Its Furthest Extreme

A bit like satire, though not quite. Done well this post carries an effect similar to well done satire –– to highlight the absurdity of an argument through friendly hyperbole.

Dissent by way of agreement is a sharp way of getting people who already agree with you to dig their heels deeper into your side, yet it’s also a way to sway opinion of those on the fence.

You do need to be careful with this type of post. Some readers may misunderstand your intentions, take your argument at face value and vehemently disagree. Others may know what you’re doing and vehemently disagree anyway.

The key is in striking the right tone, effectively blending serious with silly.

Why All Marketing Is Terrible
Warning: Does The World Belong To Google?
This Is Why Blogging Won’t Get You Anywhere

By flipping an argument on its head, you’ll be able to punch holes in its consistency and potentially sway the opinion of your readers.

This type of post can go viral, sway fence sitters, and draw your core audience closer to you. Just don’t try and appeal to everyone. Do that and you’ll touch no one.

3. Publish A Rant

Most readers appreciate a good rant, especially if it’s not your normal style.

Great rants are smart, full of energy, and most of the time quite funny. Writers love to write them because it’s an open vent, readers love to read them because we’ve all felt frustrated at one time or another, and someone else’s tirade can make us feel human.

The key is in not allowing yourself to get carried away.

Never publish your post in the heat of the moment. If you’re responding to something that just happened, give your copy time to cool before pressing publish.

Be passionate, but be reasonable.

Don’t let your biases color your objectivity so much that your audience will see you as irrational. There are two sides to every story. Yours, no matter how well articulated, is only one.

6 Lies (INDUSTRY EXPERTS) Love To Tell
Enough Is Enough! Why I’m Sick And Tired Of (NICHE PROBLEM)

Edit your points to precision and make sure you remain a lady or gentleman in the comments. If you’ve chosen a hot topic aligned with your audience’s interests, and you’ve articulated yourself well, you will draw your readers closer to you, sometimes even if they disagree.

4. Write A Parody Of A Popular Post

Your readers love to laugh, and they’ll appreciate you giving them the giggles.

You don’t have to be the weird Al Yankovic of the blogosphere, but a well-written, well-timed parody of a popular post can go viral and get a lot of eyes on your blog that would never have found you otherwise.

Be respectful of the original copy so you’re not making fun of it, exactly, but rather highlighting and then twisting whatever it is about the original post that worked so well.

Exaggerate the points from the original, and make sure you follow the same format, but instead of bullet points and snippets of information, you’re creating perfectly timed comedic beats.

Start by twisting the headline.

The Simple Secret To My Success
10 Ways To Make Money With Your Website
How to Choose A Logo For Your Business

Could be changed to:

The Simple Secret To My Inertia
10 Ways To Lose Money With Your Website
How To Choose A Logo For Your Business (That Scares Buyers Away!)

Make your reader laugh and they’ll look forward to a return visit.

5. Publish A Manifesto

You’re not like every one else. By trying to be like everybody else, you’re building a tall wall in front of your ability and potential.

Take the time to consider who you are, what you stand for, and who you want to be. Then let your readers know.

List your core, essential values, then write from there.

Your mission statement doesn’t need to be especially long, but it should’t be short. You must prove your point with passion, integrity, and a well-reasoned argument. It’s as important to detail what you don’t want as much as what you do.

Mission statements can go viral, and even if your manifesto never does, you can use it as pillar content that will add long term value for your readers.

Mission statements should have passionate, call to arms style titles.

Anything Is Possible!
Greatness Doesn’t Happen By Accident!
(INDUSTRY PROBLEM) Is Broke, THIS Is How We Fix it!

If you write a manifesto, throw your entire voice behind it. Your mission statement can be grandiose, but it MUST be passionate. Do it well and you will do more then get links, clicks, shares and re-tweets, your blog will also step forward, lead and inspire.

6. Craft A Well-Articulated Confessional

Be honest.

Pour ink on the page like it was blood from a wound.

You’re human, just like your reader. You’ve made a ton of mistakes, just like your reader.
You’ve often found that your mistakes help you to grow. So has your reader.

It’s cathartic to write a confession detailing something you did poorly, haphazardly, or just altogether wrong. Your reader has had similar things happen to them.

Business is hard, and decisions must sometimes be made too fast and without preparation. No matter what niche or industry you’re in, machine gun decisions are probably a regular part of life.

Write a passionate, honest post that paints you as human, like them, admitting your shortcomings for all your audience to see.

Yes, I Admit it. I DID (CONFESSION)
Yes, I (CONFESSION): The Full Story
A guilty pleasure for your reader and potential catharsis for you. Win-win.

7. Make Fun Of A Marketing Email That’s Recently Hit Your Inbox

If you’ve been blogging for any length of time, you probably get regular e-mails from marketers trying to pitch you everything from info-products, to television shows, to laundry detergent. People will offer to sell you link space on their site or beg for a spot on yours.

Many of these e-mails are unintentionally hysterical.

Pick an e-mail, then publish it, along with a critique for your audience, using it as a great example of not what to do.

THIS Is Why People Hate Marketing
How NOT To Win Friends And Influence People
This Is The WRONG Way To Market To Your Customers

People like to buy, but rarely like to be sold. Anyone who’s had bad marketing pushed on them, which is just about everyone breathing, can relate to a bad pitch gone wrong.

This is a no big deal, potentially fun post you’ll likely enjoy writing, that will also make your audience smile.

8. Write About A Tool Or Service Everyone Loves That You Just Can’t Get Behind

There is tremendous value in occasionally taking the contrary view.

Of course, never be a curmudgeon just to be a curmudgeon. No one really likes an Eeyore. Yet, taking an opposing view and explaining why a popular tool simply doesn’t work for you or your industry will help you bond with those readers who simply don’t understand what all the fuss is about.

If you write the post well, even die-hard supporters will probably look at the tool with a fresh perspective. At the very least, it should initiate a lively debate in your comment section, and a long string of comments can lead to a lot of retweets.

Why (NAME OF TOOL) ISN’T For Realtors
This Is Why (NAME OF TOOL) Doesn’t Work For Me
(NAME OF TOOL) Is Bad For Business. This Is Why.

Don’t be afraid to zig while others are zagging. Show your readers you’re unafraid to take a stand, even if it’s just a stand against a popular tool. They will be more likely to trust you if it ever looks like you’re hitching yourself to a bandwagon.

9. Controversial Post

Controversy can be one of your blog’s best friends, so long as you use it well.

Never be mean, condescending, or cutting in any way, but don’t be too afraid of controversy. Online, nice equals boring, and while that may be fine for the majority of your posts, the occasional copy that stands out in bold type could make a massive difference to your brand.

What sort of post could you write that would really stir the pot and get people talking?

Maybe I Shouldn’t Say This?
You Might Not Want To Read This…

The curiosity factor for this type of post will be high and that could be enough to fuel its momentum. Own your perspective, but have someone else read through the copy first to make sure you don’t go over the edge.

Be specific, and never write simply for controversy’s sake.

And never feed the trolls.

You will have people disagree with you in your comments section, probably Facebook and Twitter, too. That’s fine. You’re job is to build your blog, not get in an argument.

10. Make Up 10 Blogs In Your Niche That Don’t Really Exist (And Make Them Funny)

This type of post will go over like gangbusters if you have a lot of bloggers in your audience, or even if your readers frequent other blogs.

It will take creative thought, and if you want it to really resonate with your audience, you should take the time to make it great.

Spend an hour or so looking around the blogs in your niche, then take the titles and think of clever ways to poke light fun at your industry. This doesn’t have to be deep, it just has to make your reader smile while highlighting a few essential truths of your niche.

The Top 10 Fake (NICHE) Blogs
The Top 10 (NICHE) Blogs You Wish Existed
10 Fake Blogs About (NICHE) That Would Change the World

Parody makes people laugh. Come up with clever names for the fake blogs and you’ll give your readers a smile. Smiles lead to shares.
These 10 post ideas will help your blog get the right type of attention, leading to happy readers who will like, re-tweet and help you spread your content.

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