Author Services

An unparalleled opportunity to work with a proven IP incubator.

We offer bespoke services to help authors realize the next step in their storytelling career. Whether it’s helping to finish a rewrite to hit a preorder date, drafting a full novel from scratch, or creating a compelling treatment to attract Hollywood producers and entice them into adapting their work, Sterling & Stone is here to help make your vision a reality.

Collectively we’ve published more than 500 novels, been the brains behind dozens of screenplays (both adaptations and spec), helped to develop literally thousands of stories, and worked with some of the world’s highest profile clients. We’ve done it all. And now we want to tell stories … with you. 

Collaboration is our guiding principle. Storytelling can be lonely, and that makes it hard. Working with a team to reach the finish line means your weaknesses are filled in with someone else’s strengths. Now you can capitalize on our studio’s vast array of strengths. 

While every project is bespoke, we primarily help authors with their novels, or to create an adaptation of their work. Click below to see our current available services. 

Please note: All services are currently WAITLIST ONLY

The Team

Sean Platt – Visionary Creator and Storyteller

Fearleess leader to the entire Sterling & Stone team, Sean has penned more than 200 novels (over 70 of which have become bestsellers), written dozens of scripts (many of which get picked up within weeks of hitting the town), and helped to reshape industries. His secret super power is people. He deeply understands the strengths and potential of each storyteller and has a preternatural ability to match the right creator to the right project … every time.

Bonnie Johnston – One of the most sought after Story Gurus in the industry.

From romance, to memoirs, to scripts Bonnie has worked on literally thousands of pieces of IP. There’s not much she doesn’t know about structuring and crafting a narrative to make your readers care. And because Bonnie doesn’t offer services outside of Sterling & Stone, the desire to work with her has led to some of our strongest storytellers joining our team. 

Niamh Arthur – Expert in Reader Experience and commercial trends.

Niamh has spent twenty years studying reader experience and marketing. She helps us to locate the target and then ensures that we’re hitting a bullseye every time. Great marketing will help get readers buying your story, but baking it into the narrative will have them re-reading multiple times and telling their friends. 

Plus a team of more than thirty novelists, screenwriters, and expert storytellers including: 

New York Times Bestselling author (and highly-requested treatment creator by top Hollywood Producers) CJ Lyons; bestselling author and creator of Fat Vampire (now adapted by SYFY as hit series Reginald the Vampire) Johnny B Truant; reader adored Ninie Hammon (with tens of thousands of five-star reviews, IP that producers are constantly asking to read, and more years writing than the rest of us); and yes, our resident curmudgeon and dark horse David W Wright is even available on request, after the approval of a long application, plus blood and DNA samples.