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writing your author bio

A Guide To Writing Your Author Bio

Here it is, your moment of glory. You’ve finished your book, chosen the title, the cover, maybe you’ve even already written the blurb. Now it’s finally time to write your author bio.  Some people dream about this moment their entire lives yet never get to the finish line. Others may write their bio years before…

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How to Get Your Book Published

These articles usually start with something like, You’ve written a book! Now what?  But in truth, lines like that are a bit out of whack. There was a time in which authors wrote first, then tried to sell later, but that time is gone. These days, the publishing world is much different than it used…

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book blurb

How to Write the Blurb for Your Book

So, you finished your book. Congratulations! A little more than half of your work is done.  Now that all the writing and editing are behind you, it’s time to take off your writer’s hat and put on your marketing hat so you can package and prepare your “product” (no, it’s no longer your baby) for…

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Parts of a book

A Guide to the Parts of a Book

People ask us all the time about what should be in a book.  Should I have a table of contents?  Should I have a dedication?  What order should it all go in?  It’s as if there’s some official blueprint out there, ordained by The Institute For Determining Whether Your Book Is Legit Or Just Some…

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start a novel

How to Start a Novel (Without Procrastinating)

I’m not going to lie: starting a novel is hard.  I’ve started more than 200 of them, and even now I would never say that starting is easy.  But it is easier for sure, and it’s never worrisome. I get similar flutters when I have to travel, or am being introduced into a new situation…

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book cover design

How to Prepare for Your First Book Cover Design

Everyone judges a book by its cover. Once upon a long time ago someone got that wrong and we’ve all been parroting it ever since. But you know the truth; that’s why you’re here. You’re exhausted with seeing smart, well-written stories get ignored in favor of flashy yet empty titles with gorgeous-looking covers. Or maybe…

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how to write a great book review

How To Write A Great Book Review

If you’re reading this article, I’m going to guess you’re a book lover.  Few people even think about book reviews if they don’t seriously love reading books. Whether you are the voracious and gluttonous reader who finds themselves with Kindle queues a mile long, audible apps stuffed with titles, and a nightstand overflowing with hardbacks…

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tips for writing a book

24 Timeless Tips For Writing Your Book

Writing a book is one of the most significant things you can accomplish in life.  Fiction or nonfiction, a finished book gets your thoughts on the page, transforms your ideas into something more permanent, and plants the seeds of your legacy into more fertile soil than the earth inside your mind.  But writing a book…

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How to write a revenge story

How to Write a Revenge Story

Revenge is a universal theme that can improve any book, short story, or screenplay.  Because revenge is elemental to who we are as human beings, this is a genre that will always remain popular and never die. We all know that two wrongs don’t make a right, and you don’t have to be violent or…

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what is genre

What is Genre?

So … what genre is it? That’s as necessary a question for us to answer in our story studio as it is for you at home.  We question our genre with every story we tell, even if it goes unspoken. My darkest writing partner never has to define his genre — everyone in the studio…

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