(No, really. Everywhere else on this site is all about you. Helping you. Entertaining you. Giving you awesome stuff. And we really do love to do that. Really. But sometimes, we like to talk about ourselves a little, too. So here we are. )

What is Sterling & Stone?

The short answer? It’s a story studio.

Much like Pixar, Bad Robot, or Lucasfilm, we are an incubator for unforgettable stories. We aren’t bound by genre or rules, other than the ones that make a story magical.

Sterling & Stone started with three guys of slightly above-average talent and the dramatically above-average gifts of sarcasm, vision, and a total lack of fear when it comes to making mistakes. We’re creative entrepreneurs with a quickly growing studio (now 10 people and growing) earning a solid full-time living by making up stories. We love to teach what we learn, share what we know, and build the creative tools for our community that will help them change the room.

We believe in the abundance of art, we believe in taking our business seriously (but never ourselves), and we believe in YOU.

We write lots of stories

Since October 3, 2011, we’ve published over 100 books.

We’ve written over six million words and our readers have given us over two-thousand five-star reviews on Amazon. So we think maybe we’re onto something here.

We write all kinds of stories, ranging from dark horror and sci-fi to epic fantasy and westerns … complete with a unicorn named Edward.

And we’re continually adding more titles in all your favorite genres.

We help other writers

We love to share what we’re doing so that other writers continuously learn, constantly improve their craft, and always be discovering unique ways to sell more books.

We like to leave our doors open (well, except for Dave. He’s a bit on the paranoid side).

We experiment … a lot. Then we dissect those experiments and share them. We’ve produced books, podcasts, and videos all with the goal of picking apart and articulating everything we’ve done — what worked, what didn’t, and why.

We are committed to helping artists of every level and discipline get smarter faster.

We talk a lot

We’ve almost lost count of the number of podcasts we host on our podcast network, Sterling & Stone FM.

But that’s OK, because everyone likes (and needs) something a little different.

We create shows like the Self Publishing Podcast, The Smarter Artist, and StoryShop to share our experiences in storytelling and indie publishing.

And we broadcast shows like The Walking Dave and Worst. Show. Ever. because, well, we like to swear out loud. A lot. Please don’t listen to those shows in front of your kids or your boss. Really, you probably shouldn’t listen to them at all.

Well, you can listen to The Walking Dave. Because Dave. But Worst. Show. Ever. is named that for a reason. So please … don’t. Anyway …

We love you!

We don’t mean that in a creepy way, promise.

But we wouldn’t be where we are without our readers, listeners, and super awesome fans. Even if we’re just getting to know each other, we want you to know that we care.

We always want to make sure that there’s value for you in everything we do, even if that worth is measured in laughs.

Because of that, we’ve built one of the best, most loyal communities of dedicated fans around.

We love our readers, and readers love our work.

Welcome to the Sterling & Stone Family.

Who are we?

  • Sean Platt

    …is the founder of Sterling & Stone and loves that he not only gets paid to make up stories and come up with crazy ideas, but that he gets to do so with his best friends.

    In 2011, Sean and Dave co-wrote Yesterday’s Gone at Collective Inkwell and changed serial fiction forever. Since then he and Dave have published the series Available Darkness, WhiteSpace, ForNevermore, and Karma Police, the standalone novels Crash and 12, the short story collection Dark Crossings, and the traditionally published Z2134 series and Monstrous (with 47North).

    In 2013, Sean and Johnny founded Realm & Sands with their debut novel, Unicorn Western, then immediately followed that with their sci-fi “future history” serial, The Beam. Since then they have written the series Robot Proletariat, Cursed, The Dream Engine, Invasion, and Dead City, along with the standalone novels, Namaste, Axis of Aaron, and Devil May Care.

    Sean and Johnny have also co-authored the bestselling non-fiction titles Write. Publish. Repeat., Fiction Unboxed, and Iterate & Optimize (with a bit of help from Dave) for their Smarter Artist imprint. (Click here to see all of Sean’s titles)

    He lives in Austin, Texas with his wife Cindy and their two children, Ethan and Haley.

  • Johnny B. Truant

    …is the author of the Fat Vampire series and The Bialy Pimps, in addition to everything he has written with Sean at Realm & Sands.

    Johnny and his family also live in Austin, Texas (after several years of planning to move and complaining about life in northern Ohio).

  • David W. Wright

    …is the Eeyore to Sean’s unrelenting Tigger. He hates you all.

    He lives in [REDACTED] with his wife, [REDACTED], and child [REDACTED], and he carries a decoy wallet in case he gets mugged. We’re not kidding.