Worst. Show. Ever.

You’ll probably want to avoid this podcast. It sucks. It’s filled with neurotic tales of thieving bears, decoy wallets, and epic Olive Garden rants. It’s irreverent and stupid and terrible, and the hosts should really be ashamed of themselves. You can also find archives of this travesty in the “Better Off Undead” podcast, which was just as bad but also had an even stupider name.

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WSE61 Dave is Out of Rants
Released On: June 16, 2017

Dave’s family ISN’T HOME! Things get pretty salty in this episode. Dave shares what his ideal Father’s Day gift is, and he explains why he will NEVER visit his friend who moved away, which includes the ‘rules for friendship.’ Also… FLORIDA and face tattoos. And it just gets worse from there. Read More »

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