The Collectors

“EveryDay” meets “Quantum Leap” in “Karma Police,” the thrilling new science-fiction series from the bestselling authors of “Yesterday’s Gone.”

I am a Jumper — someone stuck waking up a new body every day or so.

I don’t know why this is happening. Nor do I remember anything of my life prior to this.

I’m in the body of Chelsea, a girl who seemingly has it all. That is until a dark secret pushes her to try to kill herself.

As I jump from body to body in Chelsea’s circle of friends, family, and enemies, I begin to uncover the secret. But can I save her?

And what will I do now that the soul-eating Collectors are closing in on me? For the first time ever, I feel like not only can my host die, but I along with her.

“The Collectors” is the third novella in the “Karma Police” series by Sean Platt and David Wright. Each book is a standalone story in the series, with three books coming out in the first half of 2016 and another three planned for later this year.

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