The Curse of the Shapeshifter continues …

… as Tomas Morales, who’s pursued in vengeance for over a century, nears his quarry.

After fleeing the atrocity he barely remembers committing in Glen, curse-bound shapeshifter Ricardo takes refuge in the quiet town of Brick Fort, Nebraska, where he’s hiding within a quiet life — one that will hopefully keep his terrible secret concealed.

But Ricardo’s calm is short-lived. While nursing sorrows in the Three Cowboys Bar on Wednesday night, he meets Brooklyn — a damaged girl who seeks his comfort and protection. But fate has long ago conspired against Ricardo, who soon finds his world turning upside down. The beast is rising … and Morales isn’t far behind.

This second installment in Realm & Sands’s redefined werewolf novella series raises the stakes, revealing Ricardo’s past of temptation and loss — and diving deep into the hidden oasis of poison waters where Ricardo first became the creature he is today.

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