Welcome to Our Story Studio

I'm Sean Platt, storyteller. I and my best friends, David Wright and Johnny B. Truant, share the world's best job: We make stuff up, then talk about it.
Sterling & Stone is our studio.

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Stories Written by Friends

I've written with Dave for six years, fiction full time since 2011. In early 2012 we started The Self-Publishing Podcast with Johnny, then undid the good we'd started to do by launching our second, terrible podcast — Better Off Undead. The first is good; the second is not. But each has fans, and in both you can hear the chemistry and friendship that help shape our stories.

We write in multiple genres, with more than two dozen series among us. From Collective Inkwell's tightly knotted horror to the zen whimsy of genre-hopping Realm & Sands and articulate glee of our kid-friendly nom de plume Guy Incognito, we write for YOU, our reader, and to answer the questions inside us (ours are just like yours).

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We Write to Believe the Impossible (You’ll Believe, Too)

If you love smart stories that make you feel and think, and want to see why readers love what we do, we've made it easy to try our work. Most of our titles are free to try. Like your favorite cable network, our narratives vary but maintain a consistent quality. AMC is home to Breaking Bad, Mad Men and The Walking Dead — three very different shows. Sterling & Stone is home to Yesterday's Gone, The Beam and Unicorn Western. Serious, scary, laugh out loud funny — or something for your children — you're sure to find what you want in our free library.

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